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Create a strategic 30 day social media content plan in less than 60 minutes

Forget about all the content ideas you have saved on Instagram.

You don't need more content ideas, you need a content system!

I'm sharing the EXACT strategy I have used with 30+ service-based business owners on how to create strategic content in a sustainable way that gets you clients every month...

...AND doesn't require you to be glued to your laptop for 10 hours on a Saturday.


You’re posting on social media, but it seems like your content isn't getting in front of the right people!

OR people are engaging but not converting.

And you think that by sharing "educational content", chasing trends, and going viral you will get more clients.

The truth is, you need to go beyond trends and tactics to create content that converts.

Here's how...

The Content Blueprint!

In this FREE mini-course I break down a simple, 3 step framework to creating magnetic, high-converting social media content in less time

Here's What You'll Get Inside The Content Blueprint:

  • Three bite size lessons that walk you through creating content for each stage of the consumer journey

  • 20 content ideas for each stage

  • 30 Call to actions for both selling and engagement

  • 47 hooks and caption starters

  • A calendar template to map it all out

Don't Take My Word For It, See These Testimonials!

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Is this course suitable for beginners in social media marketing?

Absolutely! The Content Blueprint is designed to be beginner-friendly, providing a step-by-step framework that anyone can follow, regardless of their level of experience with social media marketing.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this course each week?

The course is designed to be efficient, with the promise of creating a 30-day social media content plan in less than 60 minutes. Each lesson is bite-sized and can be completed at your own pace.

How long will it take to see results from implementing the strategies taught in the course?

While individual results vary, many participants have reported seeing improvements in their social media engagement and client conversions within a few weeks of implementing the techniques taught in The Content Blueprint. Having the foundations built in your business as well as consistency and commitment to the strategies outlined in the course are key to achieving results.